In working with people over the years, I have found one thing in common –

We all have about 2 to 3 people who told us we weren’t creative or that something we created wasn’t right or good enough?

I call them our creativity thieves.

They most likely didn’t do it intentionally, they were stating their opinion and projecting a fear or a belief they had on us.

Who says their opinion was right or true?

Yet we took it as a truth and started believing what they told us rather than listening to what we felt about what we created. We shut ourselves down to listen to someone else.

What if we changed this story and let this go?

I know, this is easier said than done …

But art and creativity is an expression of who we are and how could that be categorized into right or wrong … it really can’t be.

It is an expression and extension of us, a way to get to know ourselves better. These opinions shut down way more than just painting on canvas. Because life is the most creative thing you can do! Creativity is a life force and an energy we are all entitled to. We have stories stored in us, what if we shared these stories and let them go.

And lived a creative life …

We can think of everything we do as a creation – the way we raise our kids, the way we dress, the way we show up in our work, the way we love.

Here’s an activity for you that will only take a few minutes –

Light a candle, grab a journal, sit quietly and relax. After you feel relaxed close your eyes and try to remember your creativity story or your creativity thieves.

I betcha a story and someone will come popping in your mind.

Next, change this story – take pen to paper and rewrite your story.

Here is my story –

I was in first grade and we had to do the famous activity of drawing what we wanted to be when we grew up. I wanted to be a singer. So I drew this elaborate stage with fancy curtains and me standing on the stage with a beautiful pink gown. My hair was long and curled up at the end. I remember feeling so happy and proud of my drawing.The teacher said time was almost up, so I quickly drew a bunch of circles below the stage, it was the audience. It came time to hand it in and a boy in the class laughed at my circles and said you can’t draw people.

So, do you know what I told myself for years?

You guessed it – “I can’t draw people.”

Never mind the great drawing of the person I drew on stage, that somehow didn’t count.

Here is how I rewrote my story –

Rewind 45 years …

Instead of being rushed, I had more time and drew people in the audience.

Then when we were handing in the assignment, the little boy said to me, “Wow, you know how to draw people, that person on stage is so good!!!!”

I would LOVE to hear your creativity stories, so share them below in the comment section.

Here’s to grabbing your creative power back!

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