Creativity and Bio-Individuality

“Creativity and Defiance go hand-in-hand. ~ Bryant McGill

imageI feel like I have been questioning rules since I was a kid. Not the rules that are meant to help us or keep us safe, like stopping at a red light or not texting while your driving.

I like to question the kind of rules that keep us from living or keep us from being who we came here to be. For example, we can’t wear white shoes until after Memorial Day, or never eat after 8:00 pm, or you should wait six months to date after you get divorced, or if your child isn’t talking by a year and a half you need to start worrying.

Who is making up these rules anyway? Someone who obviously hasn’t walked in our white shoes before Memorial Day.

Maybe it is the unconventional creative artist in me, who I believe resides in all of us, that likes to question some of these rules.

Sometimes I really wonder how I made it through 20 years of formal schooling with all the questioning of rules I did. Which brings me to a story I will never forget …

It was my very last class in my master’s program. It was a research class to help you write your master’s paper and learn techniques for how how the papers had to be written in the master’s program, like the bibliography etc. You are supposed to take this class at the beginning of the program so you learned about the format of papers for your classes but somehow my schedule got messed up and I had to take it at the end. We had to spend the semester researching a topic and then write about it,

I researched Whole Language which integrates all the subject areas and Multiple Intelligence. I wrote about how all subject areas play an important role and how just because math and reading aren’t the subjects your are best at doesn’t mean you aren’t intelligent. Also the importance of seeing each child as an individual and we all learn differently and have something to bring to the table.

Well of course it was the very last hour when I was completing the paper and it came time to write the bibliography and format the paper, well I had no desire to follow the rules of how we were “supposed to do it” because I had put so much energy into a topic I was passionate about. I was tired, so at 2 am, I decided to create my own way of formatting the paper and writing the bibliography. I had to get to bed and be fresh for the classroom of kids that I had to greet the next morning.

After the teacher graded the papers, he nicely called me aside and said your paper was so passionate and well written but you didn’t follow the format you were supposed to. I really shouldn’t do this but I am going to let you let you slide and I am giving you an A-, but you are going to have to learn to follow this format and the rules or you won’t make it through your master’s program. I graciously thanked him for the A- and said I made it through, this is my last class, my schedule got messed up and I had to take it at the end. He looked at me, a smile flashed across my face and I know he was thinking, how the heck did she just pull this off.

I graduated and made a deal with myself, I was done with formal education. I was going to live my life because I knew I learned much deeper lessons attending The University of Life.

But believe it or not … not even a year later I found myself taking more graduate classes based on William Glaser’s work, a psychiatrist who is known for Reality a Therapy and Choice Theory. But this felt different because I found his work fascinating.


Ten years later I decided to take an art class at a local art center, no credits so I didn’t think there would be a lot of rules. Boy was I wrong, in fact everything I did was wrong. I didn’t realize there were rules for how you poured your paint and mixed the colors. I just wanted to be free and create and have fun. I wanted to paint the pictures that were deep in my soul. I wanted to pick up the paint brush and create my own life.

Then years later I found myself going back to school to be a health coach at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I finally fit in. The program is based on the concept of Bio-individuality. The founder Joshua Rosenthal explains that when it comes to health there is no one right diet that works for everyone. Each and every person has unique needs.

Of course, just like life, there are basic guidelines to follow like processed foods are not good for you or too much sugar is not healthy and limit your alcohol intake. But talk about there being too many rules, new books, diets and ideas are always coming out saying eat this, don’t eat that, no wonder the weight problem in the US is at an all time high. We are confused.

What if we really listened to our intuition and bodies and decided what worked best for us, instead of listening to everybody else?
What if we listened and treated our bodies and ourselves with respect?
What if we were gentle and kind to ourselves?
What if we let that unconventional creative artist out?

I think we should take this genius concept of Bio-Individuality and creatively apply it to every area of our life ~ our relationships, how we raise our children, our religious and spiritual practices, marriages and partnerships, and our work. This simple practice can change our lives.

Today I think I am going to wear white flip flops and white pants. And I think I will eat strawberries with homemade coconut whip cream at 8:05 PM.

Live life on the edge a little … the wild side.

How about you? What can you do today to be bold and creative and uniquely you?
The paint brush is in your hand, so create your life like only you can.
Please share your idea and inspire someone else.
And in case you want to eat some coconut whipped cream after 8:00pm I included my favorite recipe.


Coconut Whipped Cream


1 15 oz can of Coconut Cream (full fat)
1 tablespoon of organic maple syrup or raw honey
1 teaspoon of vanilla

Directions ~
1. Refrigerate the can of coconut overnight and place a stainless steel bowl and the beaters in the freezer for an hour before making.
2. Open can and separate the thick consistency and the water consistency. You will be using the thick consistency for the whipped cream. You can save the watery part and use it in your morning smoothie.
3. Place the thick consistency in stainless steel bowl and mix on high until it yields a light and fluffy consistency.
4. Add syrup and vanilla and beat again
5. Enjoy with fruit or be creative and think of something to serve it up on.
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde

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