Do you know what a Soul Dream is? It took me a long time to discover, but here is what I learned . . .

For as long as I can remember I got lost in the world of books and illustrations. My Mom was an avid reader who took my siblings and me to the library on a weekly basis. In school, I loved the stories in our readers and would sketch every character and makeup stories in my imagination. It was my escape. As I reflect back, I see that my soul dream began to stir at a very young age.

But then life began to happen and I as I grew I started believing that there was no time to write or paint and there was no money in art. A societal belief took hold of me. Get serious is what I told myself. So time passed and the desire to write and illustrate a children’s book remained in my heart but I found myself covering it up with distractions.

One day I remember feeling like a war was growing deep inside of me. It was my soul trying to get my attention. It happened right after I had my children and took some time off from teaching to be with them. I loved this time but must admit it was a little monotonous and felt like groundhog’s day. Laundry, feeding, cleaning, food shopping, the playground and a walk, and then repeat the next day. I often found peace in the routine, but something deeper was stirring inside.

I heard a voice deep inside say, “remember that children’s book you wanted to write . . . ” but I silenced it by keeping busy and pouring myself wine at night.  Until one day I could no longer take it, I felt trapped and I heard this powerful, yet faint whisper inside me say ~ paint or drink heavily. My soul was giving me an ultimatum.

There was one little problem, ok maybe it was a big problem, I wanted to write and illustrate a children’s book but first I had to learn how to paint and write since I had no formal training. I had all these ideas in my imagination and just had to get them out. So I signed up for an art class at the local art center. After a few classes, the teacher said to me, “You have absolutely no talent and the ideas that you have in your imagination to paint are just too hard for someone like you.” Boy did he burst my bubble. I believed him for a second and then gathered myself and thought no way I am not listening and I quit his class, even though we were always told we shouldn’t quit and you need to stick things out. I didn’t care, it was a new beginning for me, I was learning how to make healthy boundaries.

So I just kept taking small steps, Along the way, there were countless people who said to me, “publishing a children’s is impossible, you will never be able to do it.” In fact, I think some people even though my dream was a little crazy. But I continued to take a small step every day, sometimes the small step was as simple as writing my feelings and gratitude in my journal. When I took action even if it was something small, I realized it helped silence the voices in my head.

Well, it took me 12 years but I am happy to say that I published my first children’s book A Dream Inside in October 2014, available through A Dream Inside at Cedar Tree Books is about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. Intertwined with the metamorphosis of the monarch butterfly is their amazing journey to Mexico is the lesson that we all come here with a purpose or a dream inside. Like the butterfly and all other things in nature, we too have a natural intelligence within us.

When I held my published book in my hands for the first time, tears rolled down my face. I felt like I did the impossible. It felt like a victory.

So what is a Soul Dream?

I have come to learn that it is that faint and quiet whisper from your soul. It is a deep yearning and desire of the soul. It is the service that you have to offer the world that only you can do. There is enough room in the world for all of our Soul Dreams. And when you follow your Soul Dream, the Universe expands and the world becomes a better place, it becomes more beautiful. Your Soul Dream makes you come alive and feel happy and others feel this energy, love and happiness.

I have also learned that our Soul Dreams can change through our lives but there are usually two or three themes weaved into our lives of how we can be of service. Most often in life, our services are revealed through some type of setback.

Yes, well-intended naysayers are always going to show up, they don’t mean what the say. They are merely projecting their own fears and beliefs. Use what they say as rocket fuel, use what they say as stepping stones and place these stepping stones on your path and go confidently in the direction of your (Soul)Dreams. ~ Henry David Thoreau

What is your Soul Dream? Please share below! Thanks

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