Welcome Home

For as long as I can remember, my daughter, who is now 18 relentlessly begged for a dog. I think “dog” was her first word. As she got older, she would look online, research types of dogs and ask us to take her to dog shelters. She drew pictures of the dog she wanted and hung them all over the house.

Now, I have nothing against dogs, I had them growing up and loved them but wasn’t sure if I wanted to take on the responsibility of owning one as an adult.

One day I said to her, I know, how about I paint you a picture of a dog? She laughed and said,” Yes, but I still want a real one, too.”

So on a cold November night, I started this painting, Welcome Home, pictured below. My daughter loved it. In fact, I think this gave her more momentum. Her campaign for a dog become even stronger. She spent countless hours online, trying to figure out which type of dog would be best for us. She decided upon a Morkie.

One weekend, the local pet shop had a morkie to adopt, so next thing you know we were there meeting this dog. They weren’t sure of the dog’s age, they thought he was six. All I know is he was CRAZY, chasing the other dogs, biting them and going to the bathroom everywhere in the store. There was no way, I was ready for this. My daughter pouted as we left the pet store.

But this didn’t stop her, we went home and she got back on the computer and announced that a pet store a few towns over just got some morkies. Can we go look at them please? I reluctantly agreed and said to her, we will look but we are NOT leaving with a dog.

She jumped out of the car when we got there, ran right up to the sales person, and asked him where the morkies were. He walked us over to their cage and I saw the look of disappointment on her face. These morkies were black and she wanted a lighter colored one. This girl sure had a clear picture in her mind of what she wanted. The salesman said there are some light colored morkies at our other location.

Next thing you know, we were in the car driving to the other location. We walked in and she spotted two of them that she loved. One was mild and one was wild. The sales person took us to the play area and let us spend time with each of them.

The wild one immediately took a liking to us, he licked my face and neck and snuggled into me like he had found his home. The salesman said we are running a special today. I got my bearings together and said firmly, we are only looking today, we are NOT leaving with a dog.

Well to make a long story short, we did leave with a dog – the wild one.

For some reason this sales person wanted us to have this dog. Another family that had been thinking about getting him earlier in the day came back to purchase him, so he cut the price even more for us. He even started throwing other items in on the deal. It was the eve of Valentine’s day, so he said I will give you this red coat for him.

And so we had a new addition to our family … we took him home that day and it wasn’t until a few days later that my daughter noticed the painting. Mom, look she said … the dog you painted looks just like Cody and he even has a red coat. I also realized that I created this painting in November, right around the day our bundle of energy was born.

Hmmmm … maybe I should start painting what I want in my life . . .

Wow … Did my daughter’s focused energy and drawings and my painting somehow bring this cute little furry friend into our lives or was it just by chance? There was something to this I knew it and so I started experimenting with it. Painting, sketching and doodling what I wanted to bring into my life. I started using this technique with clients. We didn’t always paint, many times we drew little sketches. I found it particularly useful when it was done at night or early in the morning.

You can try this technique today on your own. Here is how you do it –
* First, get a special journal for your sketches and doodles
* Next, get clear on something you want to bring into your life, a new job, love, a dog, money? Yes, it is ok to draw money or symbols for abundance. This doesn’t mean that a pound of sliced thin twenties will fall from the sky. Focusing your energy can shift things, for example, my one friend painted a money tree and shortly after someone came into her life to help her get her finances in order.
* Lastly, first thing in the morning or at night take five minutes to draw a little thumbnail sketch like the ones below, or just doodle symbols or pictures of things you want. Who cares what they look like just be free. You can also add in words. Remember when you were a kid, the good feeling you felt when you doodled in class.

It is that simple … now, this is not to say that things always work out how we want, however, it feels good to put your energy towards something you want, it seems to change your mindset. Sketching and doodling also give you the added benefit of relaxation like the adult coloring books.

Give it a try … and when you do I would love to hear your story! Comment below!

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